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Where's my Federal Tax Refund?

You should get your refund check within 3 weeks of filing your Federal Tax Returns.  If you haven't received your refund the IRS has a secure link to input your information to give you a status update.

Click here to get to the IRS page to check the status.  Then click on What is my refund status?

Where's my California Franchise Tax Refund?

If you e-file you should get your refund within 10 days.


Click here to link to the California Franchise Tax website to check the status of your refund.

I don't live in California..Where is my state refund?

Calco Tax Services can process your tax returns even if you do not live in California.  If we prepared your tax returns and you have not received your refund timely,  please give us a call and we will research for you.