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Updated 2/13/2020

  Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Important Tax Information

BUSINESS DEDUCTION(S) CHECKLIST.  The following items are some of the deductions your business may qualify for.

The following are some of the possible deductions applicable for your business expenses.

  Car expenses (mileage records required- 58 cents per mile deductible)
  Commission and fees 
  Contract Labor
  Depreciation and 179 Expenses
  Insurance (Other than health)
  Interest, mortgage, business loan interest
  Legal and professional fees
  Office expenses
  Rent or leased, machinery, equipment, vehicles
  Repairs or maintenance
  Taxes and Licenses
  Travel expenses.  Travel expenses...Meals (meals 80% deductible)  Local meals 50% deductible)
  Wages paid
  Other expenses (client gifts, etc)
  Home office expenses (if applicable).